21 Day Jumpstart -  $129

Join Jennifer Rodriguez, BA, FDN-P, CPT, Wellness Coach and Margaret Mangan, MS, RDN, LD, for a special program that will teach every woman what they need to know in order to make progress with their bodies at their current stage of life. 

We will answer every question you have and help you find answers to every roadblock you have faced on your attempts to reach your goals and transform your body.



Are you looking for:

  • A roadmap for you to follow based on YOUR goals, struggles and lifestyle
  • A place to workout that you feel like you fit in and feel comfortable
  • Small group training up to 8 people per session MAX
  • Individualized coaching instead of a "one size fits all" approach
  • A place that specializes in training WOMEN ONLY by only female trainers
  • A place to train that helps you overcome prior injuries
  • A program that teaches you all the basics on how to workout.   Think of it like "Lifting Weights 101"

Ask the Dietitian:

  • What's all the hype about Keto and is it right for you?
  • Is Paleo better than Whole 30?
  • How to cook food that's good for you but also tasty
  • Are carbs and sugar really bad for you?
  • What should I be eating before and after my workout?
  • How to lower your blood sugar safely so you can lose weight
  • The exact tests you need to ask your doctor to run to ensure that your metabolism is working FOR YOU instead of AGAINST YOU.
What's Included?
  •  60 Minute Assessment and Success Session
  •  21 Days Semi-Private Training 
  •  "Female Fat Loss Myth Buster Seminar" - 2 hours with Margarte Mangan, MS, RDN, LD
  •  Meal Plans and Grocery Lists if needed
  •  Access to At Home Workout App if needed
  •  24/7 Accountability and Support 
  •  Personalized Programming
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